author/illustrator: Eva Bensard / Daniele Catalli

ages: 7+

52 pages

26.5 x 32 cm


Sold: Italian

Award: 2022 Amerigo Vespucci Award (International Geography Festival, France)

Hokusai and Mount Fuji

  • A lively account about Hokusai, told by one of his main sources of inspiration: Mount Fuji.


    Sacred Japanese mountain Fujisan is the unexpected narrator of this account about Hokusai, this man obsessed with drawing, who represented the mountain thirty-six  times, in close up and from a distance, in The Great Wave, at dawn or at twilight, under the snow or during a storm…


    "In his last painting, a dragon spreads his wings up above my peak. I like to think that this dragon that valorously glides over the clouds is him. The old drawing fanatic."


    The picture book is part of "The Other Story series": stories or facts about our cultural heritage, told in an original way, through the point of view of a character or of a secondary element.


    Daniele Catalli has illustrated several books at Amaterra, including The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice, winner of the Nuit du livre award.