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author/illustrator: Eva Bensard/Zosia Dzierzawska

ages: 6+

52 pages

23 x 28 cm



The Secret Friend of the Eiffel Tower

  • A humorous and poetic account to discover in a different way the most famous Parisian monument, its unusual construction, its revolutionary architecture for the time and the indignation, fear and fascination it caused.

    A small brick chimney is all that remains today of the of the Eiffel Tower construction site. The chimney knows the Tower inside out and tells its story from its point of view. It is at first very jealous of the success of this "worthless asparagus" looking down on everyone from above!
    The little chimney tells everything it has witnessed about the construction site, Gustave Eiffel, the 1889 Universal Exhibition, the various "dresses” of the tower. In the end, the tower becomes its "gigantic friend".


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