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author / illustrator: Alain Serge Dzotap / Delphine Renon

ages: 4+

32 pages 

25 x 19 cm


Les Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Russian, English (World), Hebrew


The Gift

  • The discovery of writing is a magical moment: a gift!

    When Leo opens his birthday presents, he receives an amazing gift: a pen! Inside it, Papa says, are many beautiful things. But how do you get them out?


    None of his friends can guess. Super-Zombo doesn’t get anywhere by blowing on it, and Coco-Tembo thinks it’s too tiny to hold anything important. Maybe Leo’s mama will know how to reveal all the wonders inside…


    This warm, charming story is a perfect introduction to the joy of writing. Like Leo, young readers will discover how a simple utensil can express all the words in the world—even one’s own name.
    Léo discovers his pen contains all the existing words
    and all the beauties of the world.




    “A beautiful look at the wonder of creativity and self-expression. Not to be missed!” - Kirkus Reviews 


    “A wonderful title to include in collections, teaching children to find the gifts they hold inside.” - School Library Journal


    “The Cameroonian author and French illustrator imbue the animal characters with recognizable warm family relationships along with appealing, unexpected touches of whimsy.” - Booklist


    “An appealing picture book . . . relates a child’s discovery of written language by way of a storytelling pattern that will feel pleasantly familiar.” - The Wall Street Journal

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