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author/illustrator: Gaëlle Alméras

Foreword by Marjolaine Matobos, researcher in benthic ecology at Ifremer’s Deep Environment Laboratory

ages: 7+

170 pages

20.5 x 25 cm 

softcover with 5 panoramas to unfold

Maison Georges

Sold: Spanish, Slovenian, Korean, English, Russian

2023 White Ravens

The Great Ocean Week-End

  • On a beautiful late afternoon, Castor, Rat, Orni and her cousin Echid, who comes from Australia, go camping on a rocky islet. At the rhythm of the tides, it is the perfect place to observe and understand
    the water cycle and currents, dive to discover algae, explore the abyss, walk on the foreshore which reveals its fauna or recognize the different cetaceans…

    Between explorations and observations, the four friends question each other, discuss, learn and above all marvel at the beauty of marine biodiversity.


    A playful non-fiction comic book, with careful narrative treatment, that naturally takes all readers on a journey of discovery through the magnificent and grandiose ocean, awaking their curiosity and their ecological consciousness.


    Also available in this series:

    The Great Space Week-End



    Marjolaine Matabos, researcher in benthic (seabed) ecology at Ifremer’s Deep Environment Laboratory
    Christine David-Beausire, deputy director of IPEV - French Polar Institute Paul-Émile Victor
    Bruno Ferron, physicist oceanographer at the Laboratory of Physical and Spatial Oceanography, CNRS
    Sandra Fuchs, biology engineer at Ifremer
    Camille Mellin, marine biology researcher at the University of Adelaide, Australia


    Graduated from the Beaux Arts d'Épinal, Gaëlle Alméras has been using her artistic talent for many years to serve science and its popularization. For five years, she worked as a mediator at the Vaulx-en-Velin Planetarium (69), and now she continues her educational work, which has become her profession, through illustrated lectures, workshops, and school meetings. 

    As an author and illustrator, she and her Rotring spend their time in her studio in Dompierre-les-Ormes (71), pondering the equation that captivates her: character + narrative + scientific education. "Le Super Week-End de l'espace" and "Le Super Week-End de l'océan" are the successful results of her ongoing reflection.

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