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author/illustrator: Gaëlle Alméras

Foreword by Hélène Courtois, astrophysicist and cosmographer

ages: 8+

96 pages

20.5 x 25 cm

softcover with several panoramas to unfold


Maison Georges

Sold: Korean, Simplified and Complex Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Catalan, English

The Great Space Week-End

  • A stylish and enjoyable graphic-novel style non-fiction book to explore space and spend a fun weekend with three friends.


    On a beautiful late afternoon, Orni and his friend Castor go camping in their friend Rat's magnificent observatory. Perched in a tree, it is fully equipped for incredible discoveries: the sky, the stars, our galaxy, infinity... In short, astronomy!


    This comic takes you on a journey to discover the universe, complete with astronauts, meteorites, dinosaurs, pirates, and even a barbecue!



    Also available in this series:

    The Great Ocean Week-End

    Coming soon: The Great Forest Week-end





    • Finalist Montreuil book fair "Pépites" awards, 2018
    • Finalist Angoulême Award 2018
    • Finalist "LE GOÛT DES SCIENCES" Award, 2018
    • Winner "Best astronomy Book," Ciel & espace,  2019 (Europe's leading magazine for the general public on sciences of the Universe)


    "Welcome to an enchanting world: ours! Girls and boys of all ages, take a walk! Love it! And you will be satisfied." - Hélène Courtois, astrophysicist, and cosmographer


    "An original album, both fun and educational, halfway between comics and a documentary. The perilous exercise of science popularization is perfectly successful!" - Romain Galissot, Bodoï


    "All subjects are approached in a direct and simple manner, with the right dose of humor. Children will learn a lot of things." - Benjamin Roure, Télérama


    "Without being off-putting or too pedagogical, Gaëlle Alméras's story is exciting. By having her story embodied by three animal friends, her words are very accessible for the little ones. An excellent reading moment, and it's smart!" - Damien Canteau, Comixtrip

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