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author: Gilles Baum, cover illustration by Mercè Galí

ages: 10+

240 pages


The Letterboxes

  • A poetic, imaginative and tender story tackling the topic of the evolution of family ties after abuse within the parental couple.


    A security guard from the islands, a magic shell, a pink bicycle, a mad mistress in love, an old man who loves gazelle horns: Émile's world is full of fantasy.

    However, the boy lives with the painful memory of what he calls "the famous night". The night during which the drama that led to his father's departure happened. Since then, he has been waiting for a message from him. With Rosie, his bicycle, he puts letterboxes in carefully chosen places hoping that one day he will find a letter in one of them. They always end up living their lives as simple mailboxes and being used by others, bringing to the young boy some unlikely surprises.

    But one day, he finds a message to his attention...

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