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author/illustrator: Céline Claire, Thomas Baas

ages: 4+

64 pages

24 x 29.2 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French, Spanish and Catalan, Korean

The Movers

  • A hilarious and lively story about dealing with unexpected situations and making new friends along the way!


    The Movers, a friendly moving company operated by Uncle Charles and Theo, is well known for its efficient service. One day, as the pair start their delivery route, they load the parcels to be delivered into their truck — including a huge box. Off they go to make their rounds! But in the meantime, in the back of the delivery truck, a gorilla busts out of the large box and starts making a total mess of the other parcels!


    How will the pair keep their promise of delivering all the packages — and, more importantly, will the Movers manage to deliver their new friend?






    A Lucky Day

    Afraid of Nothing

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