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author/illustrator: Claire Wyniecki, Anne Pascal

ages: 1+

66 pages

12 x 12 cm

3 board books in a slipcase






Music Instruments: Strings, Winds, Percussions

  • Three upbeat board books to discover 36 music instruments in a gifty slipcase!


    Boo-hoo! Frederic the piano has the blues.

    Splashh! Pamela the ocean drum imitates the sound of the waves.

    Tchac Pum Tchac! Right hand, left hand, right foot... A thunderous applause for Cindy the drums!


    In the vast collection of musical instruments, there are three main families: strings, winds and countless percussion instruments. Let's discover it and go on a sonic journey through senses, emotions and onomatopoeia.





    Claire Wyniecki is a violinist and musicologist. She divides her professional life between the music press for adults and children, and teaching music at Le Bon Ton, a music school and bookshop she founded in Paris. She specializes in music education for children. 


    Anne Pascal is an illustrator and textile designer.  She is recognized for her colourful all-over patterns and funny animals. This is her first experience in children's literature.  

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