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author/illustrator: Charlotte Zolotow,  Benjamin Chaud

ages: 3+

44 pages

21.6 x 28 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Italian, Simplified Chinese, French, Korean, Bosnian, Complex Chinese, Spanish (world), Dutch


The New Friend

  • A poignant evocation of childhood pain and jealousy at the desertion of a best friend, with a message of optimism and empowerment.


    A child reminisces about the many moments of joy and playfulness he used to share with his dear old companion, who has, sadly, made a new friend. Feeling betrayed, the child gives in to his sorrow and anger.


    Although his spirits are low, he also realizes that with loss comes the possibility of new beginnings. 




    "This all-too-common childhood experience is dramatized with an emotional honesty that, refreshingly, skirts sentimentality.” —  Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


    “A hopeful but not too neat story of a situation likely to be relatable to many.” — The Horn Book




    The Quarreling Book



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