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author / illustrator: Sylvie Misslin, Lavilleetlesnuages

20 x 20 cm  

ages: 3+

40 pages 





The Plushies' Emotions & Adventures Salvador Has Disappeared! - vol. 1

  • Through a tender story and through identification with Little Plushie, the reader experiences all kinds of emotions.


    Little Plushie is sad because Salvador has disappeared. He goes search for him with Big Plushie. Sadness, anger, fear... The two cuddly toys will go through many feelings and will overcome trials together.


    The illustrator humourously plays with the shape of the heads of the cuddly toys to represent the various emotions.


    Two non-fiction spreads in the end help identify feelings and explain them further.






    Sylvie Misslin lives near Strasbourg. A speech therapist, she has spent seventeen years one-on-one with children. She now writes children's books, including at Amaterra the bestselling interactive picture books series This Way or That Way? translated into 13 languages.


    Lavilletlesnuages is an illustrator who lives in Paris. A graduate from ESAG, she touches on all media image and communication, whether for the press (Bayard, La Salamandre...), digital media, or television. She has collaborated with Netflix, Cultura, or Cabaïa as well as publishers Mango, Fleurus, Hachette, Les 400 coups...


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