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author/illustrator: Andrea Farotto, Martina Tonello

ages: 3+

44 pages

19 x 25 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French, English, Italian, Korean


The Rainbow Hunters

  •  A story about the zeal of youth, the adventures that define friendships, and the joy of childhood rituals.


    One beautiful morning, four very determined friends go out rainbow hunting. Armed with candies and butterfly nets, the foursome rushes all over the countryside to catch the elusive rainbow before it fades away. Hoping to find a pot of gold at the end of their chase, the kids instead happen upon an unexpected and important discovery.


    The real pleasure for these hunters is found in their long, feverish search and, above all, the unforgettable moments shared among friends.





    The Rainbow Hunters is beautifully illustrated and features diverse characters working together on the adventure. Representation of diverse children is important in children’s picture books as it helps children see themselves in the books they read. This book will make a wonderful addition to classrooms and libraries.” — Canadian Review of Materials





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