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author/illustrator: Hao Shuo

ages: 7+

44 pages

17 x 25 cm



The Sea Survival Guide

  • The funny creature from the "City Survival Guide" has drawn a new album from its library tree: it’s a "Sea Survival Guide"! It settles down comfortably near the river, opens the new book, but… how to console this frog who is sobbing on her water lily? Fortunately, the precious guide is filled with solutions for all problems, and a new wacky adventure can begin!


    The humourous and offbeat situations merrily succeed one another, whilst our favourite creature cleverly and ingeniously bypasses the obstacles that separate her from a charming mermaid...

    In the third volume of this series, rewarded with a prestigious award at the Bologna Book Fair, Chinese author Hao Shuo poetically diverts codes and mischievously toys with the traditional image of Prince Charming freeing his Princess.


    Accurately creating an apparently simple and colorful universe, the artist takes her reader by surprise again and again, and it is funnyand refreshing every time.


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