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author/illustrator: Hao Shuo

ages: 7+

44 pages

17 x 25 cm



Sold: Simplified Chinese

The City Survival Guide

  • The creature from the "Jungle Survival Guide" embarks on a new journey, this time to the city. With his guide in hand, he wanders the streets in search of animals and humans that live there, looking up all the answers to his questions along the way.


    His book is full of practical ideas, that the creature adapts in his own way, using objects that he finds here and there: flat tyres to make
    dumbbells, a mop as a hairpiece, a fish bone as a comb and lots more.

    But how can he protect himself from the bright red sun? The creature has an ingenious solution! He gathers seeds, acorns and dandelion buds, and plants them in his new hair, letting the rain and sun make them grow. He then invites his dog friend to relax with him in the shade, much to the passers’- by surprise.

    Colourful and funny illustrations, full of imagination and original ideas, in the same clever and curious vein as Shuo Hao’s "The Jungle Survival Guide", awarded at the 2020 Bologna Book Fair.


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