author/illustrator: Jérémie Decalf

ages: 7+

60 pages

24 x 32 cm

hardcover, with spot UV on the inside pages


Sold: Spanish, Korean, Italian

The Sky Is Not The Limit - Voyager 2 space probe's trip to outer space

  • A stunning book to discover space exploration. Voyager 2 space probe has been exploring the far reaches of the solar system for more than 40 years, carrying a message about our civilization, with music by Bach or Chuck Berry... This picture book tells the story of this exciting and poetic trip in the first person.

    This fascinating picture book not only arouses the reader’s curiosity about space, but it also shows the reality of space exploration: it takes a very long time, it is mostly made of void, but allows us sometimes to see some flashes of beauty and great encounters. The author has mixed scientific rigour and a poetic style making the reader feel curious and weightless.

    The +: With a large format, pantone colours and spot UV on the inside pages, this picture book is a trip like no other to the wonders of space.