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author/illustrator: Jérémie Decalf

ages: 7+

60 pages

24 x 32 cm

hardcover, with spot UV on the inside pages


Sold: Catalan, English (world), Italian, Korean, Spanish

The Sky Is Not The Limit - Voyager 2 space probe's trip to outer space

  • A stunning book to discover space exploration. Voyager 2 space probe has been exploring the far reaches of the solar system for more than 40 years, carrying a message about our civilization, with music by Bach or Chuck Berry... This picture book tells the story of this exciting and poetic trip in the first person.

    This fascinating picture book not only arouses the reader’s curiosity about space, but it also shows the reality of space exploration: it takes a very long time, it is mostly made of void, but allows us sometimes to see some flashes of beauty and great encounters. The author has mixed scientific rigour and a poetic style making the reader feel curious and weightless.

    The +: With a large format, pantone colours and spot UV on the inside pages, this picture book is a trip like no other to the wonders of space.


    2023 New York Public Library Best Books


    Shortlisted by the Sorcières bookshops as one of the 40 INCREDIBLE PICTURE BOOKS of 2020 (France)


    Junior Library Guild Selection 2023 (USA)



    Media praise


    *From the USA


    Kirkus Reviews
    “Slight but evocative.”


    Horn Book Magazine
    “Most pages contain just a few words or phrases, with the emphasis on Decalf’s stunning digital illustrations. Broad expanses of black punctuated by countless stars give a sense of the enormity of space.”


    School Library Journal (starred review)
    “A visually stunning achievement and an important addition to nonfiction collections, this is an opportunity for young readers to experience a vital chapter in the history of humanity.”


    *From SPAIN


    - Pezlinterna

    "Nuestro Fav (...) el libro se traduce en un espacio nostálgico de identificación, de la pequeñez del ser humano ante la inabarcable realidad."


    Canal Lector
    "Una invitación suculenta para empezar a amar la astronomía."


    - Publico / El asombrario, 20/12/2021, "Los mejores libros infantiles para hacer travesuras en Navidad"
    "Tengo que confesar que este libro me tiene maravillado"


    From ITALY



    "Una percezione che ridimensiona la nostra presenza all’interno di un mondo vastissimo, molto più grande di noi, infinitamente. (...)  l’uomo in fondo è sempre alla ricerca di un bene per sé e di una bellezza… di qualcosa più in là che finalmente riempia il suo cuore che è infinito come l’universo." 



    "Un volume in grande formato con doppie pagine davvero straordinarie in cui perdersi e fantasticare."



    "L'ampio respiro delle illustrazioni trasmette sensazioni forti. Sembra incredibile, ma percepiamo l'emozione e le sensazioni intime di un oggetto che, in quanto tale, non può averne."


    From FRANCE 


    - Croquelinottes bookshop,  Saint-Étienne

    "Par un tour de force, l’auteur a su transporter la profondeur infinie de l’espace intersidéral au sein d’un livre. Cet album est un spectacle visuel vertigineux ! »


    - La boîte à histoires bookshop – Marseille

    "Un voyage enivrant, vers l’infini et au-delà. "


    - Toulouse children's books librarians

    « un moment de grâce, hors du temps"



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