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author/illustrator: Bastet the cat, Sophie Berger and Laura Winstone

ages: 5+

36 pages

23 x 29 cm




Sold: Italian, French


Rights represented as of October 2023 for Dutch, French, German, Eastern Europe & Russia, Scandinavia & the Baltics.

The Unofficial Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife!

  • “Hello my newly dead friends. Gather round. My name is Bastet and I’m going to be your tour guide to the afterlife. Please make sure your bandages don’t trail as we walk along.”


    Bastet is a mummified cat who is here to take you on a journey through the mystical death rituals of Ancient Egypt. Starting with some routine disembowelment and mummification, she explains about the role of the coffins, the separation of your soul, the importance of amulets and the various types of Egyptian tombs.


    Bastet will make sure you have everything you need in the afterlife, because, it turns out, you can take it with you after all!


    This is a light-hearted, but nonetheless informative introduction to an Ancient Civilisation told in comic-book style. Bright, collage illustrations by Laura Winstone bring a freshness of tone to a subject matter that might be ancient, but never grows old.



    "An enjoyable book that keeps readers involved with bright colours and animated images… to be kept in classrooms or on the shelves for browsers." -  School Library Journal





    Laura Winstone is a Norwich based illustrator and a recent graduate of the CSABI degree in Children’s Book Illustration. She was awarded second place in the Macmillan Illustration Prize 2021 for her book ‘The Catmolean Museum’, on which this book is based. Her distinctive collage illustrations radiate warmth and humour.

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