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author / illustrator: Davide Cali, Lionel Tarchala

ages: 5+

48 pages 

23 x 30 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants


Three Lessons from the Wise Man Osho Babanesh

  • Three short stories full of humour and wisdom to question yourself about the meaning of life.


    Once upon a time there was a great sage who, they said, had an answer for everything. Does money buy happiness? Why do we go to war? Should we fear death? In three little fables that are as funny as they are wise, the famous Osho Babanesh shares his thoughts.


    In this picture book, Davide Cali plays with greed, stupidity, pride, or cowardice of humans to make us think about the meaning of life. The humourous text and illustrations make the readers philosophise (a little) while laughing (a lot) about topics that will always raise many questions: money, war, death.


    "Davide Cali has scripted three well-crafted tales to answer deep philosophical questions. He deals with important themes in our society - death, money and war - in a naive but highly effective way. The great sage provides perfect answers to the questions we are led to ponder as we go through life. Lionel Tarchala's illustrations are truly superb and bursting with detail. His colour palette is quite incredible and immediately immerses us in the three tales." - Ricochet, Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias




    Top Car : A humourous story to criticize our consumer society and the absurd consequences of marketing, of our desire to own more and more on our lives. Illustrated by Sébastien Mourrain.

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