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author/illustrator: Emmanuelle Figueras/Tristan Gion

ages: 7+

32 pages

21 x 27.5 cm


Why Orang-Utans Don't Like Toothpaste

  • How can a cyclist in Paris save bears in the North Pole? Which pieces of the world can you find in a game console? Why do tomatoes prefer if you don’t flush the toilet?


    Through a series of questions that are less foolish than they seem, this book deals with the consequences of basic daily life actions on nature, close to us or on the other side of the world.


    Avoiding pessimism or moral lessons, the lively text and wonderful illustrations take the readers on a migratory trip with the swallows, invites them to understand how internet datas cross the oceans or what a goldfish becomes when you free it back into the river.


    Sold: Polish

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