author/illustrator: Géraldine Cosneau

ages: 1+

24 pages

19 x 21.5 cm

hardback with sound chips inserted in the last page

and drawn buttons on each page to press


A Winter Walk

  • Let yourself feel wrapped by the atmosphere of a cold day in the countryside, thanks to Géraldine Cosneau's beautiful illustrations and the sounds of a Winter day.



    "Brr... it's too cold today. Let's stay warm and snuggle up by the crackling fire.

    Chaffinches, great tits, robins bicker around the feeder."

    "What's that funny barking at the edge of the forest? It's a graceful deer that is leaping away..."


    Also available: Night Animals, Nap Time

    titles in this series sold: Simplified Chinese, Estonian, Dutch, Korean