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author/illustrator: Géraldine Cosneau

ages: 1+

24 pages

19 x 21.5 cm

hardback with chips on the front of the backcover
to be pressed thanks to pictograms on each spread


Nap Time - A sound book

  • The narrator talks about what he hears, sees and feels at nap time: warmth, well-being, the soft cries of grasshoppers, swallows, cuckoos, orioles, frogs...In this very colourful sound book, Géraldine Cosneau describes the peacefulness of the countryside in the early afternoon.

    A sweet book, soothing the readers to sleep, with a final twist: the narrator is a cat!


    Available in the same series: A Winter WalkNight Animals

    Rights for titles in this series already sold in: Simplified Chinese, Korean, Estonian, Dutch

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