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author/illustrator: Nadine Robert, Qin Leng

ages: 5+

64 pages

25.6 x 19.7 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French (world), Korean, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English (world), Italian, Spanish and Catalan


  • Clover is a poignant picture bookabout trusting you own ability to make decisions and building self-reliance.


    Around Clover’s family’s goat farm, there are plenty of things to do on any given day, from picking blueberries to collecting clams. But making decisions, even choosing something to do, is a great source of hesitation for young Clover — that is, until one day, when the child’s beloved goat, Peony, wanders too far from the farm.


    In order to bring Peonyback home safely, Clover will have to learn to act quickly and decisively.



    • Part of the 100 outstanding picturebooks 2023
    • Selected by the BRAW Amazing Bookshelf (Bologna Bookfair 2023)
    • Quebec Booksellers' Award: Winner 2023, Children 0-5 years category
    • Canada Council for the Arts: Governor General’s Literary Awards 2022, Children and illustrated book's category



    “A quirky and quiet pastoral tale that offers instruction to young children on independence and decision-making.” — Kirkus Review


    “The illustrations by Qin Leng are absolutely beautiful and are perfect for this sweet story about trusting your choices and having a loving family.” — Youth Services Book Review




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