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author/illustrator: Gilles Baum/Amandine Piu

ages: 3+

44 pages

22 x 33.5 cm




Sold: Turkish, English, Spanish and Catalan

Giant Georges

  • A story of being different, told with tenderness and humour by talented and successful Baum / Piu duo.


    Giant Georges is big,

    very big,

    so big that sometimes he is in the way, invasive.

    And to make things worse,

    he is very clumsy.

    Will he ever be able to find a job

    and his place in this world?

    "Clumsy, bumbling, even downright invasive when it comes to getting on an already crowded bus. Being a giant isn't fun every day. But it can prove invaluable when someone even more giant than you, and even more clumsy, comes to ransack the town. Friend Georges then becomes a rescuer, a protector, a bearer of hope. Or how to use a delicate metaphor to highlight the importance of the role played by those who come to the aid of disaster victims." - Le Monde, Back to school: 15 recommended picture books, "Giant Georges: You always need someone bigger than you"


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