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author/illustrator: Dylan Hewitt

ages: 4+

64 pages

28 x 20 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: English

Giant Giant

  • A touching children’s tale about the positive power of working together and making amends forour past mistakes.


    In a peaceful little village filled with peaceful little people lives a giant bully who enjoys making giant trouble wherever he goes. Until one day when, partaking in his routine of bossing the villagers around and threatening to stomp on their houses for fun, he encounters a problem of his own — a giant, giant problem.


    Giant Giant is a testament to the spirit of goodwill and friendship. This book tells the touching tale of a tiny town that bands together under remarkable circumstances to show not one, but two overgrown menaces the value of helping other people and making amends for our past mistakes.




    “Text, illustrations and layout, along with the book’s horizontal format, work together superbly in this picture book about bullying. (…) A fun read with a gentle message, Giant Giant would be an excellent library addition.” — Canadian Review of Materials


    “Hewitt’s bold colors, spatial sight gags and appealingly retro, poster-art style are a winning match for this picture book’s timely message about a giant bully who threatens to stomp out all the ‘peaceful little people’ in a ‘peaceful little place’.” — The New York Times




    The Kingdom of Nothing

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