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author/illustrator: Christian Borstlap

ages: 5+

56 pages

29 x 24 cm


Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Greek, Korean, Spanish, German, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English (world)


Is There Life on Your Nose ?

  • From acclaimed artist Christian Borstlap, a vividly illustrated nonfictional work containing fun facts about the fundamentals of microbiology.


    Microbes are everywhere: on your nose, on your face, on everything you touch. You can also find microbes deep under the ground, while others prefer to live in boiling water. Microbes are everywhere! Fortunately, they can do many amazing things for you. In fact, your whole life relies on microbes, so let’s be happy and consider ourselves lucky to have them around.



    “Christian Borstlap presents the universe of these  unsuspecting little critters, each of which have  a role to play in our ecosystem, with clarity,  humor, and thoroughness.” — Le Devoir





    This Thing called Life

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