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author/illustrator: Elliot Kruszynski

ages: 6+

48 pages

21,4x 27,5 cm




Sold: Simplified Chinese, Korean


Rights represented as of October 2023 for Dutch, French, German, Eastern Europe & Russia, Scandinavia & the Baltics.

Professor Wooford McPaw's History of Astronomy

  • The second book in the Wooford McPawseries takes on the entirety of the cosmosand everything within it.


    In his distinctively humorous, subversive tone, Elliot Kruszynski looks at how our understanding of our place within the universe has evolved from the days of Ancient Greece, to the discoveries of Copernicus and Gallileo, through toNewton and then to Einstein and Hawking.


    A charming and engaging introduction toAstronomy, peppered with fun facts and humorous asides.



    "Packed with facts and bright cartoon style illustrations, this is a fantastic introduction to astronomy that supports science and technology." – Booktrust



    First series' title: Professor Wooford McPaw’s History of Cars





    Elliot Kruszynski is a London-based illustrator who has workedwith clients including The New York Times, Air BnB and Deliveroo. By the same author: 

    I Am A Potato!

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