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author/illustrator: Ziggy Hanaor, Elliot Kruszynski

ages: 3+

32 pages

21 x 28 cm



Cicada (US)

Sold: French

Represented for: Dutch, French, German, the Baltics and Scandinavia, Europe & Russia


I Am A Potato!

  • If Creature is not a potato, what could they possibly be???


    ‘I am a potato’, says a small furry creature. ‘Don’t beridiculous,’ says Dog. ‘Do you grow underground? No? Thenyou’re not a potato.’ ‘Then WHAT AM I?’ wails Creature. Catcomes along. ‘Do you breathe air? Do you eat and poo?Do you move around? You are an animal!’ but what kind ofanimal is he?


    As his identity crisis continues, more creatures join the conversation, asking questions and narrowing downthe options...


    A silly, delightful book that nonetheless teaches an importantlesson about using the scientific method to deduce answersby observing, asking questions and eliminating possibilities.Vividly brought to life in Elliot Kruszynski’s punchy, graphicillustrations, taxonomy has never been this fun.




    Ziggy Hanaor is a London-based publisher, editor and writer. By the same author:

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    Elliot Kruszynski is a London-based writer and illustrator who has worked with clients including the New York Times, Air BnB, Camden Brewery and Deliveroo. He has illustrated books published by Laurence King, Walker / Candlewick...


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