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author / illustrator: Ziggy Hanaor, Daisy Wynter

ages: 7+

72 pages 

19 x 24 cm




Sold: Dutch


Rights represented as of October 2023 for Dutch, French, German, Eastern Europe & Russia, Scandinavia & the Baltics.

The Egg Incident

  • Remember, Humphrey, never run, never jump and NEVER. EVER. sit on a wall!


    Humphrey is an egg with very protective parents. “Make sure you double knot your shoelaces. Never run. Never jump and never ever EVER sit on a wall. You remember what happened to your uncle...”


    Humphrey lives a very quiet and cautious life, until the day he bumps into Princess Jean (PJ) in the park. An adventurer through and through, PJ can’t understand why Humphrey doesn’t allow himself to have any fun. She tells him tales of her antics and mishaps and they don’t notice the park is closing. Oh no! How will Humphrey get home?


    There’s only one way out. Over. The. Wall! When Humphrey finally faces his darkest fears, a surprising revelation lies on the other side.


    This laugh-out-loud graphic novel is a joyous reversal of the traditional Humpty Dumpty tale of caution. It will delight young readers who are tiptoeing towards independence themselves.



    "Lays a liberating message on helicopter parents and their overprotected offspring" - Kirkus Reviews





    Ziggy Hanaor is a writer and publisher living in London, whose previous graphic novel, Alte Zachen: Old Things. (Cicada, 2022), was shortlisted for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration in 2023.


    Her other titles:

    The Pocket Chaotic

    Gory Rory Fangface Needs a Kiss

    Snail Trail

    Special Delivery

    I Am A Potato!


    Daisy Wynter is a Sussex-based illustrator. As a child,she was a bookworm and a compulsive doodler, andthis hasn’t really changed in adulthood. She has anMA in Children’s Book Illustration from Goldsmiths.

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