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author / illustrator: Ziggy Hanaor, Daniel Gray-Barnett 

ages: 3+

32 pages 

21,4 x 26,3 cm




Sold: Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey


Represented for Dutch, French, German, Northern and Eastern Europe

The Pocket Chaotic

  • Alexander is a young kangaroo living in his mum‘s pocket.


    Alexander loves his mum, but there‘s one thing that really drives him nuts. She is always putting stuff in her pocket. Alexander tries to keep things neat but one day it all gets TOO MUCH!


    A humorous and timely tale about theconnection between a mother and sonand his journey towards independence.





    Ziggy Hanaor is an author and publisher based in London. Her work includes:

    Alte Zachen: Old Things

    Gory Rory

    Snail Trail 

    Alex & Alex

    The Egg Incident

    I Am a Potato

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