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author/illustrator: Joan M. Lexau,  Aliki

ages: 4+

48 pages

26 x 42 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Italian, Complex Chinese, French, Korean, English


That’s Good! That’s Bad!

  • The captivating story of a boy who meets a tiger in the jungle, who becomes captivated with a story told by the boy.


    Walking around peacefully in the jungle, that's good! Coming face to face with a rhinoceros, is awful! Hiding in a tree to escape the beast, that's good! At least, that's what Java the tiger, captivated by young Sanji's story, believes. 


    The original edition of this book was published in 1963 in the Weekly Reading Children’s Book Club collection from American publisher The Dial Press.


    The book has been unavailable for over 50 years, but was republished for the first time in French by Le Lièvre de Mars.


    According to the illustrator, Aliki, the most challenging part of the story was to find a way to present the face-to-face meeting of the boy and the tiger in the simplest way possible, while still illustrating all the action in the background.



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