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author/illustrator: Moment series

ages: 3+

40 pages

24 x 32 cm


Sold: Korean

Yido's Epic

  • It is night time and Yido can’t find his cuddly toy. A dreamy picture book filled with poetry, childhood’s freshness and tenderness, in which reality and imagination are intertwined.


    Looking for his cuddly toy, Yido, a little boy, travels from the universe of his room, at night, in the left pages, to a very colourful and abundant imaginary world, in the right pages. He speaks to his cuddly toy, Leo, and invents stories. Have you been swimming? Been on an expedition in the jungle? Are you on another planet? In a tepee, in the middle of a large meadow?...


    D-Pictus 100 OUTSTANDING PICTURE BOOKS (2023 Bologna Book Fair)

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