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author/illustrator: Laure Monloubou, Assia Ierardi

ages: 4+

48 pages





Azalea: The Encounter (vol.1)

  • The adventures of the small and daring Azalea, in her world of plants, flowers, insects and animals.   


    Azalea is as tall as a pine cone. She lives in a tree hollow with her grandfather (as tall as one-and-a-half pine cones), a wise and erudite man, and Léonard, a pretty little blue spider. They're alone on a beautiful island, surrounded by animals and flowers.  


    While her grandfather tries to pass on his knowledge of nature, the little girl can’t stand still. She has just one idea in mind: to play outside and find the beetle she's seen wandering! Finally, Grandpa gives in to her. 


    As she explores the island, she makes an unexpected encounter... Could the island be inhabited by other people? 





    Laure Monloubou lives in Lyon. She grew up in the Jura mountains, where she discovered the joy of drawing. She's been drawing ever since. After graduating from the École Émile Cohl, she turned her hand to writing and illustrating books.




    Olga and the Call of the Forest

    The Diamond Factory or The Holidays of A Wobbly Girl

    Mum... I'm Bored! The Little Guy series

    The Lives of Great Historical Figures Told to Children series (Agatha Christie)





    Assia Ierardi lives in Bologna (Italy). She graduated in Modern Literature in Rome and in Comic Strip Languages at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, bringing together her two natures, storyteller and illustrator. She loves to mix techniques, from gouache and digital to pencil and oil pastels.  


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