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author / illustrator: May Angeli

ages: 4+

32 pages 

21 x 24 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Complex Chinese



  • When the outcast becomes a hero.


    One morning, the wind blows so hard that a raven falls from its nest. John the postman passes by and collects it which does not please Jeanne, his wife. The crow, now named Caruso, has gained strength, learned to fly and to talk… But, he uses this new talent to make fun of Jeanne and the people of the village, and therefore is hated by everyone! Soon, he has to leave the village. He becomes the towns outcast until one night, a barn catches fire and it is Caruso who warns the firemen...



    May Angeli’s woodcuts were exhibited in 2021 at the French National Library in a full retrospective of her 60 years of work.





    The Chamelon Fish

    The Man Who Dislike Cats

    The Bear and the Duck

    The Twins

    The Puddle

    Rita Wants a Baby

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