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author / illustrator: May Angeli

ages: 3+

32 pages 

21 x 24 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Complex Chinese


Rita Wants a Baby

  • A witty picturebook on a theme close to children’s hearts: the arrival of a new baby.


    Rita wants a baby. The idea fills her with joy so as soon has she lays an egg she sings! Alerting Irma, the farmer, who then comes and collects her egg… Finally she decides to lay her egg quietly and out of Irma’s way, not far from the cats playground. She warns the cats to beware, both her beak and her claws are sharp.


    During the day Rita keeps an eye on her egg but at night she must return to the hen house…


    May Angeli’s woodcuts were exhibited in 2021 at the French National Library in a full retrospective of her 60 years of work.





    The Chamelon Fish

    The Man Who Dislike Cats

    The Bear and the Duck

    The Twins


    The Puddle

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