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author / illustrator: May Angeli

ages: 4+

32 pages 

21 x 24 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants


The Twins

  • A realistic and endearing family portrait in which the lambs experience love and rivalry, united by a special bond.


    In the meadow at the foot of the mountain, Wooly and Curly, two twin lambs, play and squabble all day long. But today their mother has had enough so she punishes them. Curly sulks and Wooly is bored so she decides to go and explore the mountains by herself. But, all the paths up there look the same and she soon gets lost… and Curly becomes more and more worried about her sister.


    May Angeli plunges the reader into the heart of family life and more particularly the complex relationship between two twins. 


    Her woodcuts were exhibited in 2021 at the French National Library in a full retrospective of her 60 years of work.




    The Chamelon Fish

    The Man Who Dislike Cats

    The Bear and the Duck

    The Puddle


    Rita Wants a Baby

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