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author/illustrator: Cathon

ages: 6+

44 pages

19 x 24 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Simplified Chinese, English (North America and China), French, Czech, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Simplified Chinese, Italian

Poppy & Sam and the Leaf Thief - series

  • Poppy and Sam’s debut introduces its two central characters — a smart, resourceful girl living in a pumpkin and her neighbor, a goofy miniature panda — and is full of mystery and surprise!


    Where were you last night? Poppy and Sam have launched an investigation: they want to find out who nibbled their dear friend Basil’s leaves. None of the insects will own up to it. To unmask the offender, they will have to show a lot of ingenuity.


    After a few misadventures, they find the remorseful nibbler — and Basil helps him understand that everything tastes better when it is freely offered.



    “This sublime series aimed at 4-year-olds  — but great even if you’re much, much older —  is richly illustrated and gently reminds us of  the importance of working together to help  those in need.” – Les Libraries





    Poppy & Sam and the Mole Mystery

    Poppy & Sam: The Search for Sleep

    Poppy & Sam: Snack Season

    Volume 5 coming soon !

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