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author/illustrator: Cathon

ages: 6+

48 pages

19 x 24 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French (world except North America), English (North America and China), Korean, Portuguese (world except Brazil), Spanish, Simplified Chinese



Poppy & Sam - Snack Season - series

  • Poppy and Sam’s fourth adventure is a delightful testament to resourcefulness and sharing among friends.


    Hibernation is hard when a craving comes! Case in point: Sam suddenly wakes up his pal Poppy in the middle of their winter slumber with a hankering to make rosehip jam. Full of determination, Sam sets out into find his friends in the snowy forest, who help him assemble the ingredients and supplies he needs — but who will help Sam when he gets trapped in a winter storm?


    It’ll take an unexpected stranger to get the little panda back to Poppy and back home to safety — and some tasty treats!



    “This sublime series aimed at 4-year-olds  — but great even if you’re much, much older —  is richly illustrated and gently reminds us of  the importance of working together to help  those in need.” – Les Libraries





    Poppy & Sam and the Leaf Thief

    Poppy & Sam: The Mole Mystery 

    Poppy & Sam: The Search for Sleep

    Volume 5 coming soon !

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