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author/illustrator: Cathon

ages: 6+

48 pages

19 x 24 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: English (North America and China), French, Korean, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese (world except Brazil), Simplified Chinese, Italian

Poppy & Sam and the Mole Mystery - series

  • Poppy and Sam are back in their second adventure, as they go on the hunt for a missing pair of glasses in this adorable and playful comic!


    Where are Mrs. Mole’s glasses? Did she lose them near the brook this morning? What if someone had taken them? Determined to find out, Poppy and Sam go looking for them.


    With this second Poppy & Sam adventure, Cathon offers us a refreshing comic book for early readers who have a taste for humorous mysteries.



    “This sublime series aimed at 4-year-olds  — but great even if you’re much, much older —  is richly illustrated and gently reminds us of  the importance of working together to help  those in need.” – Les Libraries





    Poppy & Sam and the Leaf Thief

    Poppy & Sam: The Search for Sleep

    Poppy & Sam: Snack Season

    Volume 5 coming soon !

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