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author/illustrator: Hao Shuo

ages: 3+

40 pages

20 x 17cm



Zouzou at the Zoo

  •  Zouzou is a funnily weird dog, with his happy face and eyes buried under his long white fur. On a visit to the zoo, he arouses the curiosity of his fellow animals... who see this big ball of fur as something else than a big, clumsy dog.


    The seals spin him around like a ball, the elephant catapults him with its trunk... and here he is, attacked by a goat, tickled by the marmosets and adopted by the kangaroos! Sometimes at his own expense, Zouzou becomes the darling of the zoo!


    In these burlesque pages, Shuo Hao, a young Chinese author living in Paris, continues to delight us with her humour, both tender and mischievous, in the style of Benjamin Rabier or Buster Keaton.





    Shuo Hao is also the author of the Survival guides series, rewarded with a prestigious award at the Bologna Book Fair :



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